Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) Level 3

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I am a Level 3 IFS therapist and have a particular interest in integrating IFS with Dreams, Shadow work and working with shame and anger.

Internal Family systems therapy helps you look at your struggles from a very different lense. A creative method of going inside in order to build resilience and manage your inner world more effectively. My role would be more as a guide…. in that I would support you in getting to know your own system.

The focus is about getting to know your inner parts (neural networks) in an intimate way, that supports you in building a relationship with yourself. This should allow you feel more in control of your life.

This model was created by Dick Schwartz who learned through working with many clients, that we are not one self but multiple versions of selves. How these parts of us relate to each other can make the difference between an enjoyable life and a difficult one.

In my experience, the more you get to know your system the kinder you are to yourself and the safer you feel.

Building a relationship with yourself

Sessions can be 60 minutes (£60) or 90 minutes (£85) long

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